Hereford Films is an established, prolific independent film production company based in London, with a reputation for ambitious, unapologetically commercial genre movies which excite audiences all over the world and have sold in excess of 1 million DVDs. In addition, Hereford has embraced the recent advances in distribution platforms and its films are popular staples of digital and VOD programming.

Our ethos at Hereford is to make commercial films without creative compromise: we make films that audiences want to see. And our model combines creativity with commerciality. Between them, the Hereford team have over six decades of experience in the sectors of film production, press and publicity, law, tax planning, accountancy, licensing and marketing. We work with the very best names in the business while always encouraging and supporting new talent. Household names appearing in high quality films made on sensible budgets are indicative of the ‘family’ atmosphere inherent in the company’s filmmaking philosophy, with actors, director and writers working fluidly together to make the very best movies possible.

Carving out a niche as one of the most prolific producers of British action movies.
— The Hollywood Reporter

There is more to Hereford Films than the London-set action films for which the company is best known. 2018 saw the launch of the company’s horror division, Hereford Horror, with its first production ‘Aura’ already sold to Sony and many more on the way. In addition a television production subsidiary, Hereford Television, has been set up to extend our product into the small screen arena. Meanwhile Hereford Books, established in partnership with independent publisher Caffeine Nights to explore Hereford’s underlying intellectual property, will publish novelisations of Hereford Films, as well as origin stories and ‘expanded universe’ material.

Looking to the future, Hereford aims to produce and/or co-produce 6 to 8 movies each year across a range of budget levels and largely - though not solely - in the evergreen action/thriller/horror genres. Hereford is committed to working with the very best talent in the creative industries and Jonathan and the team are constantly seeking new material and opportunities to expand the company’s reach.

Here you will find out more about our forthcoming films, background on the business, and details of how you can get involved.


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