Exclusive new stills from Kirlian energy horror Aura

Brit film producer Jonathan Sothcott and his London based production house Hereford Films are set to release their first nerve-jangling horror feature Aura this August. The “Blumhouse style” US-set science horror explores the curious world of Kirlian energy/photography within the context of a supernatural, possession movie. It’s an innovative and frightening looking spin on a classic horror concept, that blends the best of many sub-genres.


Key Poster Art Released For Upcoming British Indie Horror Film ‘Aura’

Hereford Films, the London-based production outfit best known for its stylish urban thrillers such as We Still Kill The Old Way, has today unveiled striking key art for its first US-set, Blumhouse style horror movie Aura. The film is due to be released in the UK and USA in August, by 4Digital Media and Sony respectively.


New Ronnie Kray Actor Gets The Nod Of Approval From Freddie Foreman

NathanJohn Carter, who plays Ronnie Kray in the eagerly anticipated The Krays – Dead Man Walking met one of the people who knew Ronnie best on Friday night when he rubbed shoulders with Freddie Foreman, the gangster nicknamed ‘Brown Bread Fred’ at the premiere of the new documentary about Foreman’s life.


Pre-Production Begins On Crime Sequel ‘We Still Die The Old Way’

Pre-production has begun on We Still Die The Old Way, the third film in the Britflick franchise that includes the previously released We Still Kill The Old Way and We Still Steal The Old Way.


British Indie Horror Movie ‘Aura’ Wraps

U.S.-set, U.K.-produced horror movie “Aura” has wrapped. The film revolves around the concept of photographing your own aura, known as Kirlian photography, and stars Shane Taylor (“Band of Brothers”), newcomer Janine Nerissa, and veteran British actor Rula Lenska.


On The Set Of Upcoming British Film ‘The Krays: Dead Man Walking’

It’s early on a very wet March morning, the setting an empty independent cinema just off Leicester Square in London’s West End. The Hollywood News is here with filmmaker Richard John Taylor who, with some of his cast and crew, is putting together the final shots for his new film The Krays: Dead Man Walking. The film boasts an impressive British cast, including Rita Simons, Josh Myers, Guy Henry, Marc Pickering, Nathanjohn Carter, Janine Nerissa, Triana Terry, Christopher Ellison, Leslie Grantham, and many others.


EastEnders star Roxy Mitchell is back from the dead - in gripping new gangland movie

Rita Simons, who played Roxy, stars as feisty nightclub blonde Lisa Prescott in gangland movie The Krays – Dead Man Walking


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